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Remote control robot (not included)

  • Remote control robot (not included)
  • Item No. :
    Package :
    Product LWH(cm) :
    27 × 12.5 × 33
    OuterBox LWH(cm) :
    83.5 × 35 × 81.5
    Dimension M3 :
    GW/NW(kg) :
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  • Packing size: 34 * 16.5 * 40.2CM
    "Remote package (body with 4 * 1.5VAA, remote control 2 * 1.5VAA) remote control 2 * 1.5VAA (unworthy)
    Charging time: 2.5 hours, playing time: 20 minutes; remote control distance: 25 meters
    Function: 1. Robot Every joint is flexible design, action more agile to meet the full range of precise control. 2. The robot has a different movement mode, walking movement; sliding movement and speed moving mode, the player can be changed according to different environments, to make the correct combat action instructions.
    3. Robot super laser cannon, the bullet loaded on the barrel, press the button, the robot arm can be fired at multiple angles laser gun. Warhead with soft plastic material, so safe and reliable. Rebirth of fire, my super-laser cannon; dominated by me.
    4. A variety of fun action combination play, so that the robot is no longer monotonous. Through the programming button, the action combination, programmable multiple action combinations, after the completion of programming; the robot will be based on the current programming action one by one playback, fun action programming, intelligent technology wisdom interpretation, cool play. 5. Press the dance button, the robot followed the rhythm out of the dynamic dance, dancing miracle. "

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